Hooks & Connectors

KARAM provides a range of CE marked Hooks and Connectors made from Alloy steel and a Light weight range made from a special grade of Aluminum Alloy.

The KARAM range of Hooks & Connectors come with the following special features:

  • Are openable by minimum 2 deliberate consecutive manual actions.
  • A range of Manual & Automatic Locking Hooks and Connectors.
  • Tested for both Gate Function and Gate Resistance.
  • Tested for corrosion resistance for minimum 72 hours of salt spraying testing.

The important features in the Gate Hook strenght of KARAM Snap Hooks & Karabiners are as follows:

  • Gate Face, Side of Gate & Minor axis of Snap Hooks & Karabiners (except those with a captive pin) withstands a load of more than 3600 pounds.
  • Tensile load withstands 5000 pounds

Made of Alloy Steel

Anchorage Hooks

Made of Aluminium

Made of Aluminium

Made of Aluminium